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There are forms of tourists in the world: people who have light and people who want to have it. The secret is to pack everything you need into as little space as possible.

Some of the most travel-savvy folks at global travel retailers provide helpful tips and strategies for eco-friendly packaging for all kinds of travel:

• Make a plan and stick with it. As an architect planning a construction, you must therefore plan the contents of your suitcase. A packing list takes the panic out of last-second packing, serves as a handy guide for repacking when abandoning the trip, and can be beneficial in the unfortunate event of misplaced or stolen bags.

• Check the weather forecast for the destination and plan accordingly. Also be sure to recognize local traditions. Although many places have relaxed their dress codes, a T-shirt for dinner will be a big mistake, or bare shoulders can also bar your front in places like St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Bare legs for both men and women are strongly discouraged if not prohibited at holy sites in many religions. For almost any outdoor activity, grab pieces that can be layered.

• Lay out the gadgets you want to take and review your list. If viable, eliminate single-use gadgets and extras.

• Travel kits are top notch for toiletries. Having a travel kit perpetually stored in a water-resistant case will save time packing before the ride and aggravation after arrival. Most personal toiletries come in cheaper travel sizes, so buy them whenever you spot them, so you don’t need a half-empty bottle of your favorite hair gel again.

• Iron everything before packing it. If it is clear and easy, the chances are greater in his choice to draw. Button all buttons and close all zippers.

• Know when to bend them. Practice folding like in clothing stores, this technique is used for a cause. The better the crease, the fewer the creases.

• Try to assume chronologically, first placing the objects to be carried at the top. This will prevent you from rooting yourself in the suitcase for a specific object at the same time as disrupting the rest.

• Always bring travel documents, medication, rings, travel appraisals, keys and other valuables in your hand luggage. Items containing it should never be packed in checked baggage.


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